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USA Holiday Accident Claims

Pursuing your USA holiday accident claim

If you do suffer an injury during a trip to the United States through no fault of your own, our serious injury solicitors can guide you through the process of pursuing a USA accident compensation claim.
Although some USA accident claims can be pursued in the UK Courts, often the only option available to injured British tourists is to pursue the Claim in the USA.

Making a holiday accident claim in the USA; how does it work?

Unlike in the UK, Lawyers in America cannot generally recover costs from the Defendant to cover legal fees, so instead they take a proportion of damages (known as a contingent fee) in the event the Claim is successful.

If a claim is unsuccessful, Claimants normally do not have to pay anything, so most claims can be pursued without any financial risk.

Because of this system, damages in the USA tend to be higher than equivalent awards in England.

Also, because Fletchers Serious Injury receives a proportion of the US Lawyers fee, you get the benefit of our expert legal assistance for no extra charge.

How far back can I make a claim?

Civil Laws and time limits vary widely across the USA, so if you think you may have a case get in touch with us today. Fletchers Serious Injury has established a USA-wide network of lawyers, to ensure British tourists injured in the USA, through no fault of their own, can obtain access to justice.

We work closely with our established legal network in order to ensure injured clients get access to the best US legal representation for their case.

USA holiday accident claim examples

Some examples of previous cases in which our USA accident experts assisted British tourists include;

1.Claim for a man who was injured when he fell from a train in Alaska and suffered a back injury. Six figure sum recovered following the filing of a lawsuit against the train company in the US Federal Courts.

2.Claim for a gentleman who slipped on a wet floor in a NYC holiday. Claim settled for $20,000 prior to a lawsuit being filed.

3.Claim for a lady who suffered whiplash injuries in an RTA in Texas. Estimated value of $30,000 dollars.

Call us today on 0330 013 0251 to discuss your USA holiday accident claim, and let our expert lawyers help take the stress and uncertainty out of the process.