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Skiing Accident Claims

Have you suffered a skiing or snowboarding injury?

Every winter it seems more and more holiday makers are heading off to the slopes on ski breaks. For many, the lure of the piste and (hopefully) some winter sun is hard to resist.

Most who venture to snowier climbs come back unscathed, with nothing but good memories from their trip. However, for the unfortunate few who suffer a ski or snowboard accident abroad, their trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If the unfortunate happens and you become a victim of a ski or snowboarding accident and you are now seeking ski injury compensation, our serious injury solicitors are here to help.

Why skiing and snowboarding accidents abroad happen?

From outright beginners to professionals, thousands of skiers and snowboarders participate in Snowsports every year.

Skiing snowboarding accidents can have a variety of causes however, in our experience, some of the most common causes, and reasons for making a snowboarding accident claim, are;

  • Negligence of other skiers/snowboarders
  • Faulty equipment
  • Poor quality ski instruction
  • Poorly maintained runs

Accidents can also happen during other winter excursions, such as luge & toboggan rides. Whatever the cause, if the accident was not your fault, Fletchers can provide you with the expert advice you need.

Making your injury claim with Fletchers

Timescale for making a skiing or snowboarding injury claim

The time you have in order to make a ski or snowboarding accident claim will vary depending on a number of factors, including the identity of the defendant and the country where the accident happened.

Therefore, if you have had an accident get in touch with our expert lawyers today to ensure that you get the right advice, as quickly as possible

Our dedicated and friendly travel litigation team will be able to answer any questions without hesitation or fuss.

Fletchers Serious Injury solicitors are skiing and snowboarding accident specialists

If the worst does happen and you experience a serious ski or snowboarding accident, Fletchers Solicitors are experts in representing victims. If you have had an accident during a skiing or snowboarding trip that wasn’t your fault, our expert lawyers can guide you through the process of claiming damages and getting your life back on track.

The law that will apply to these accident claims can vary widely. Therefore, if you have had an accident during a ski or snowboarding trip please contact the team as soon as possible to discuss making your claim.