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Accident Abroad Claims

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Mike Hagan, Senior Solicitor

Accident Abroad Claims

Having an accident abroad can be very stressful. Being somewhere unfamiliar when injured can make recovery even more difficult, particularly when you can’t rest and get better in the comfort of your own home. In some cases, an accident overseas is the fault of another person or party, and ultimately could have been prevented. We understand how frustrating this can feel. If someone caused you, or a family member, to have an injury on holiday, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Fletchers Serious Injury, our specialist travel litigation team deals exclusively with accidents abroad claims, wherever in the world they happen, so you can be assured we will bring the best legal minds to your case. We believe that everyone who has suffered from an accident abroad that wasn’t their fault should be able to get the justice that they deserve. This is why we always operate on a strictly no win, no fee agreement.

What is an accident abroad claim?

An accident abroad claim can be made when a person has been injured due to an accident outside the UK that was somebody else’s fault. It might be an accident whilst on holiday, or working away, or even whilst travelling to or from a foreign destination. Whatever the circumstances, our team will work tirelessly to investigate the cause of the accident and make sure whoever is responsible will be held accountable – wherever they are in the world.

As well as seeking compensation for your injury, we can provide expert legal advice and guidance to help you understand the law that will apply to your claim. Foreign accidents often involve Foreign Law. Our travel litigation team works with the best foreign lawyers and experts to ensure you get the correct advice.

If you feel that you or a loved one has suffered due to an accident that could have been prevented, get in touch with our travel litigation team to see if you are eligible to accident abroad compensation. Our specialist legal advisors will do everything they can to take the stress out of the process, so that you can focus on what’s most important – getting better.

Different types of accident abroad claims

An accident on holiday, whilst working away from home or in the course of travelling can happen due to the negligence of another person in a variety of situations.

Our dedicated travel litigation team has vast experience dealing with all types of foreign accident claim, including:

  • Trips and slips during holidays to foreign hotels
  • Road traffic accidents abroad
  • Accidents on board aircraft and ships
  • Sporting activity accidents
  • Accidents whilst working abroad

How to claim accident abroad compensation

If you have suffered injury due to an accident overseas, we are here to help. At Fletchers Serious Injury, our specialist travel litigation team has many years of experience handling these specialist cases, as serious injury solicitors, so we’re able to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way.

To start your claim, simply contact a member of the team for a free, no obligation conversation. Once we have all the information, we will be able to quickly advise if you have a claim and will be fight hard to ensure you get the accident abroad compensation you are entitled to.