Unacceptable surgical mistakes

Unacceptable surgical mistakes

Medical Negligence

Unacceptable surgical mistakes

In May 2015, Kate* was five weeks pregnant; unfortunately, she attended her local hospital and was advised she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilised egg implants itself out of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.

The next day Kate was required to undergo a surgical procedure to have her right fallopian tube removed.  Upon returning to the ward after her surgery, Kate was experiencing severe pains and was left in pain overnight. The following day a nurse noticed Kate was distressed and requested an examination from the doctor.

Kate needed to return to theatre for an exploratory procedure, where surgeons discovered that during the original operation her bowel had been perforated in two places and she had developed septicaemia.

The perforations were repaired and Kate was taken to the intensive care unit to recover. Doctors also advised Kate she had Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome as she was suffering from breathing difficulties. Kate was discharged approximately two weeks later to return home to continue to recover.

Even after returning home, Kate was still continuing to suffer from urgency to pass stools and pains in her abdomen throughout the day. She found she was still getting shortness of breath and feeling constantly tired.

Kate decided to contact Fletchers to bring a claim for medical negligence again the Trust. We investigated Kate’s claim and the Trust admitted there was a failure to carry out Kate’s laparoscopic salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tube) to the standard expected. They admitted making two perforations in Kate’s bowel and failed to adequately examine her bowel which resulted in Kate requiring further surgery.

In August 2017, we successfully settled Kate’s case for £36,000. Amy Kirk, a lawyer within our medical negligence department said:

Kate’s case highlights the trauma which can be caused by a surgical mistake. We’re delighted Kate’s case has settled and hope the admission from the Trust and compensation will help her in moving forward.

*Disclaimer: Kate’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

Case Personnel

Amy Kirk - Case Lawyer

Key case timeline


After an ectopic pregnancy, Kate underwent a surgery to removed her right fallopian tube. During the procedure surgeons has perforated her bowel in two places, 10cm's apart from each other.


We successfully settled Kate's case for £36,000.


Kate contacted Fletchers and we investigated her claim. The Trust admitted there was a failure to carry out Kate's fallopian tube removal to the standard expected. They admitted making two perforations in Kate's bowel.


We hope Kate's compensation will help her in moving forward and that her case highlights to the NHS Trust the trauma which can be caused by a surgical mistake.

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