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Suffering medical negligence following childbirth

Our customer developed a preventable pressure sore during labour which affected her ability to care for her new-born baby.

In June 2017, Alicia Jordan was pregnant with her son and went into labour. She attended Pontefract General Infirmary and late in the evening was transferred to Pinderfields Labour Ward as she needed to be induced due to the length of time she’d been having contractions.

The situation was stressful and Alicia was taken via ambulance to Pinderfields Labour Ward where she was allocated a room. As her waters had broken that morning around 5:30am, she was advised she would need to have an epidural injection. This was then administered around 11:30pm.

During the course of the night and early into the next day, Alicia was laid in bed, with a bed liner and unfortunately was not in control of her urination. She was checked on quite often by a midwife, however during the shift change, her next midwife checks were infrequent.

Alicia’s labour progressed and she was dilating more and more, she could feel some labour pains however she was on her left-hand side until the midwife moved her onto her back. Finally, twelve hours after the epidural injection, Alicia gave birth to her son at 11:30am.

A bed liner had been used during the times Alicia was incontinent and was changed by the midwife at regular intervals. Several hours after her son had been born, Alicia’s epidural wore off and it was the first chance she had to wash herself down.

Upon washing herself, she felt a burning sensation on her left buttock. She was shocked and upset to find this had been overlooked by the midwife who had not only washed her down but also checked on her on regular occasions during the labour.

Alicia had a pressure sore having been in labour for a total of 31 hours. Due to pain, she was unable to lie in comfort and nurse her firstborn baby. As Alicia had suffered a Grade 2 pressure sore, an urgent request for a prescription was sent to the pharmacy. Unfortunately, this did not arrive and and it was only when she was discharged the next evening that she received a prescription.

The pain continued from the pressure sore and she had to attend the healthcare unit at the hospital to have it dressed. The area gave Alicia a stinging pain and it was uncomfortable for her to sit on even  with a cushion that had been given to her.

Fletchers investigated Alicia’s medical negligence claim and successfully settled her case for £10,000 in April this year.

Amy Kirk, a medical negligence specialist at Fletchers, said: “It is very frustrating that Alicia developed a preventable pressure sore that affected her ability to care for her baby. I am pleased that the Defendant dealt with her case very promptly and now she can move on and concentrate on her and her family’s future.”

Amy Kirk

Case Solicitor

Amy is a fee earner within the team she is responsible for drafting letters of claim. She will have an in-depth understanding of the case in order to draft the letter of claim, which will outline the formal allegations we are making. Amy proactively chases a response to these letters and evaluates the quantum of the case. She will also collate and consider the customer’s losses, and negotiate with the Defendant if an offer of settlement is made.

Key Case Details

Our customer had a pressure sore after being in labour for 31 hours which affected her ability to care for her baby.
Fletchers investigated Alicia’s medical negligence claim and successfully settled her case for £10,000 in April this year.

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