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What’s on Our Wishlist for the NHS?

19th December 2013

The approach of a new year is meant to bring time for reflection and given the year the NHS has had there’s an awful lot to mull over. It’s not been a great 12 months for an organisation which is always in the public eye but has seemingly been there more than ever in 2013 – and often not for the right reasons.

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Are A&E Departments in Intensive Care?

16th December 2013

Ever growing numbers of people are visiting Accident and Emergency departments, seeking treatment for a huge array of different conditions. Facts show that more than 18 million attended A&E in England in the year to January 2013 – an increase of more than a million compared to the previous 12 months.

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Why NHS Whistleblowing Is a Good Thing

6th December 2013

High profile problems within the NHS have been all too common over recent months, with headlines devoted to cases which represent fundamental failings in patient care. But in many instances those headlines wouldn’t have been written if it weren’t for the actions of certain individuals who were prepared to speak out about what they had seen and experienced.

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Getting a Career Back on Track After Serious Injury

25th November 2013

Fletchers Solicitors recognise that serious injury can change a person’s life in unimaginable ways and it can often see like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. For many people, one of their biggest concerns can be whether they can return to work and get their career back on track. The team at Fletchers has built a reputation on going the extra mile to help clients continue to lead positive lives following injury.

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Is It Too Late to Claim for Medical Negligence?

19th November 2013

Have you ever looked back at how you or a loved one were treated in hospital and thought something was not right? Now with the benefit of hindsight, you may realise it was a case of medical negligence. But do you know how long you have to make a claim?

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What Types of Situations Fall Under Medical Negligence?

12th November 2013

With the NHS under the spotlight for a series of recent failings, it is likely that you have read at least one story highlighting a case of medical negligence. But do you know what medical negligence really means and would you be able to recognise a scenario that could be classed as negligence?

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How Long Do Clinical Negligence Claims Take?

4th November 2013

Simply put, the medical negligence claim process can take a significant amount of time. While the nature of individual claims can clearly differ and some may be resolved much quicker, it’s possible that, through a combination of factors, it could result in a lengthy process that might take a number of years to conclude.

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Will Seven Day Health Services Work?

18th October 2013

NHS policy chief Sir Bruce Keogh has recently pledged to increase patients access to GPs and consultants at weekends and in the evenings. But actually how beneficial will it be for GPs’ surgeries to be open seven days a week?

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How Burnout Is Damaging Emergency Medical Care

14th October 2013

Burnout. It’s not just a term for motorsport enthusiasts, but one which describes an increasingly real problem for the UK’s healthcare profession, as well as the public it serves.

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The Changing Face of Serious Injury Law

7th October 2013

In April, a nation-wide ban ended the practice of law firms paying claims management companies for referring new clients. The ban aimed to make personal injury litigation more accessible to people in need, as well as to improve accountability.

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Fletchers CEO Ed Fletcher Featured in NHS Trust Video

4th October 2013

CEO and Chair of the of Southport Spinal Injuries Patient Group Ed Fletcher, has featured in a video which highlights the on-going success of a local project that combines the services of the North West Regional Spinal Unit and two local charities. The projects aim is to begin patients rehabilitation sooner and as a result enable them to return home sooner.

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Are Polite Patients at More Risk of Medical Negligence?

30th September 2013

As part of our survey into changing attitudes on pursuing legal action against medical negligence, we asked more than 600 NHS staff if they felt hospital conditions would be improved were patients to complain more at the time they noticed a drop in the standard of their care.

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Hesketh Golf Day Raises Over œ4000

23rd September 2013

A charity golf day held on 10th September 2013 at Hesketh Golf Club sponsored by Fletchers Solicitors has raised over œ4000 for Headway Preston & Chorley.

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Top NHS Managers Used to Combat UK Medical Negligence

23rd September 2013

The decision to pair strong senior managers from the nation’s top performing NHS hospitals with those facilities now under ‘special measures’ came into effect this week, with the potential to initiate an unprecedented shift in patient care.

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Can the NHS Offer Internationally High Standards?

13th September 2013

New revelations this week that NHS hospitals are being outperformed by health services in the US have forced us to revisit the findings of July’s Keogh mortality review and question what action can be taken to improve standards of care nationwide.

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œ10 Million Case Settled for Spinal Injured Client

6th September 2013

While we at Fletchers would stress that compensation isn’t everything, funds awarded in cases of serious injury and medical negligence can certainly make a difference in rebuilding a person’s life. We are thrilled to announce that our client Darren Russell, who was left paralysed from the neck down after an accident in 2008, has now received one of the biggest compensation payouts in the UK.

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Beneath the Jargon – We Put Medical Negligence Claims in Plain English

27th August 2013

As solicitors, it’s easy to get comfortable with the various legal terms we hear every day. Given Fletchers’ personal approach, however, it’s also important for us to put things into real terms that clients can readily understand. Here are a few common terms explained

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On Your Bike – Because Life Doesn’t Stop After Serious Injury

19th August 2013

As medical negligence and serious injury specialists, we see our fair share of life-changing injuries. From road accidents to sudden illness, or the incalculable effects of a medical misdiagnosis, the experiences of our clients serve to both challenge and inspire.

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New Poll Gives Insight Into NHS Staff Opinions

12th August 2013

In June we launched a survey to gauge public opinion about the ethics of suing services like the NHS. Our aim was to reveal the real issues affecting our healthcare system, with the online poll acting as a platform for concerned individuals to share opinions absent from news reports and government reviews.

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Daily Express: Fletchers Client Pursues Hospital After Being Left Unseen for Hours Following Stroke

8th August 2013

The Daily Express recently investigated how critically ill patients are often left unseen and untreated in emergency wards, sometimes for hours at a time. Frequently, this results in patients being left with debilitating symptoms. Unfortunately, if they had been treated in a proper and timely manner, the patients would not have suffered serious long term health problems, or would have been substantially better for being seen on time.

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Fletchers client lends her voice to campaign for NHS change

5th August 2013

This week we launch an awareness campaign asking patients and their families to take action against sub-standard medical care. The campaign adopts the refrain ‘challenge, collect and change’ as a memorable way to prompt people who suspect medical negligence to act.

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Seven ways for the NHS to become more transparent

29th July 2013

Earlier in the year we suggested means by which the NHS can seek to raise standards of care and in doing so, reduce the strain of legal action against it. Here, Fletchers Solicitors puts forward seven ways for our national provider to improve its transparency.

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CEO Ed Fletcher asks what Keogh means for the future of the NHS

22nd July 2013

Last week, the Keogh Mortality Review delivered its verdict on the state of 14 NHS trusts with above-average death rates recorded between 2011 and 2012. The findings point to widespread failures within our hospital system, exemplified in the worst possible way ? avoidable patient deaths.

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Law career in need of a change scene? We’re recruiting!

12th July 2013

Fletchers Solicitors is poised for expansion following a significant increase in the number of medical negligence cases, and as a result we are looking for five senior solicitors to support our growth and join our specialist team in scenic Southport.

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When the dust settles – taking your doctors to court

4th July 2013

Last week we highlighted the difference a second opinion can make to your healthcare and overall wellbeing. The Fletchers team know from experience, however, that for many people a second opinion will come too late, and that it can’t always prevent negligence at the hands of an errant doctor or hurried hospital system.

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Five reasons to seek a second opinion

28th June 2013

Ever wanted a second opinion? You might have asked several friends what they think of an important decision you’re about to make, or sought a shop assistant’s opinion of a product you were looking to buy. So should your healthcare be any different?

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Life and love after serious injury

20th June 2013

Fletchers Solicitors recognise that serious injury brings a host of challenges, both for the individual affected and for their family and friends. From physical recovery and ongoing rehabilitation to the onslaught of medical bills, often at a time where capacity to work is harmed, it can be difficult to see beyond the negative.

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Is it ethical to sue the NHS?

14th June 2013

We have a health service we should all be proud of. Or do we? Lately, it seems every day a new scandal emerges, and more failings are discovered. So what should we do about that?

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Serious injury or medical negligence – what’s your claim?

12th June 2013

Defining your experience of serious injury and medical negligence can be a starting point for real recovery. At Fletchers Solicitors, we work closely with victims of both serious injury and medical negligence, as well as their families, to determine what has gone wrong and to ensure necessary action is taken to prevent future mistakes.

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What would a patient change about the NHS?

5th June 2013

Our last blog looked at what a medical negligence professional might change about the NHS. Putting things into a legal context like this can aid understanding for the person who has suffered likely medical negligence. But what about understanding the patient’s perspective?

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What would a medical negligence professional change about the NHS?

31st May 2013

Each month, Fletchers Solicitors receives hundreds of enquiries from people concerned about the treatment they have received under the NHS. While the service has seen heightened media attention in the wake of the Francis report and the recent introduction of a Duty of Candour, the overarching concern among medical negligence professionals remains; that despite public reproach, the NHS will continue to make mistakes that put patients at risk of harm.

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Five ways the NHS can reduce its legal bills

24th May 2013

Back in 2009/10 the NHS determined that claims of negligence against it would cost œ15.7billion in coming years. That estimate rose to œ17.5billion in 2010/11, and continues to increase. If we are serious about reducing the public cost of medical negligence litigation against the NHS, there are practical steps to be explored.

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A patient’s-eye view of a medical negligence claim

10th May 2013

If you’ve ever been a hospital patient, or supported someone through their treatment and care, you’ll know what a trying time this can be. Add to that the experience of suspected medical negligence and it is little wonder you may be feeling overwhelmed.

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What to do if you suspect medical negligence

25th April 2013

When you’re treated by a healthcare professional, whether it’s a doctor or a surgeon, a dentist, a pharmacist or a care home attendant, they are bound by law to attend to your needs to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately though, that’s not always the case and there are instances where people suffer from negligence at the hands of the medical profession.

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Well policed statutory duty of hospitals to report negligent staff to regulators would save lives

15th April 2013

Yesterday I was delighted to be asked to contribute a BBC Radio 5 Live show, 5 Live investigates with Adrian Goldberg, with Ann Alexander reporting. In brief, the programme asked whether patient safety is being put at risk because NHS Trusts are not sharing information about doctors who are delivering inadequate standards of care. My answer to that question is “yes, undoubtedly”.

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4 Key Considerations for a Misdiagnosis Claim

26th March 2013

Medical misdiagnosis represents a serious breach of a patient’s duty of care. If you have experienced misdiagnosis first-hand or have supported someone through the after effects of a wrongful diagnosis, you understand the sense of despair at trust misplaced, even in cases where health is restored.

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Fletchers Solicitors – Our Medical Negligence Charter

26th March 2013

Medical negligence is a breach of duty of care by healthcare professionals. Sometimes a ‘sorry’ will suffice, but for other times, it just doesn’t cut it. On occasions when a life has been changed forever because someone didn’t do their job properly, a medical negligence lawyer will step in.

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Walton Centre Ball (Jan Fairclough Ball) – 27th April 2013

28th January 2013

Walton Centre’s annual ball to help raise money for much needed projects and support services. Funds raised from this year’s ball will go towards the ?home from Home? appeal which will fund extra equipment and therapy gardens in an expanded and improved, specialised rehabilitation unit, with 30 beds.

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IIP Gold

28th January 2013

Fletchers Solicitors Receives Highest Award.
After holding the Investors in People accreditation for almost 20 years and was one of the first firms in the North West to obtain the award. Fletchers Solicitors have now been awarded the Investors in People Gold Award which recognises excellence at the highest level.

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  • The Law Society - Clinical Negligence
  • The Lawyer UK200 - Listed Firm 2015
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