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ENT Negligence Claims

Vincent's Story: Hearing for the first time following misdiagnosis

Ear, nose, throat (ENT) negligence claims


We often take for granted the use of our ears, throat and nose, which are responsible for three of our senses. When something goes wrong, you realise how important the health of these body parts are, and so related injuries should be taken very seriously.


It’s likely that this year you will have visited your GP with an ear, nose or throat (ENT) related problem. They’re extremely common and can usually be treated with a prescription from your doctor, or in rare occasions will require a referral to an ENT specialist if symptoms persist. In any case, this area of medicine must be treated with as much caution and care as any other. In most cases, medical professionals succeed in swiftly diagnosing and treating ENT problems, but in some cases things can go wrong.


Fletchers Solicitors understand that untreated or mishandled ENT issues can result in great suffering, which deserves fair compensation. Whilst financial compensation cannot reverse the pain that you have endured, it can help to bring closure for you and your family and help you to prepare for the future. Our dedicated legal team will fight for the justice you deserve, so you can focus on recovery.

What is an ENT negligence claim?


ENT is the area of medicine that encompasses diseases that affect the ears, nose, throat and the structures that connect these areas, such as the sinuses. Most ENT problems can be handled by a GP, but in more severe or complex cases you may be referred to an ENT specialist.


This is a diverse area of medicine that can range from everyday conditions such as coughs, coughs, ear and sinus infections, to more serious conditions such as oral and throat cancers and hearing loss. All of these conditions should be taken seriously and are usually handled by practitioners promptly and with best practice. However, sometimes this is not the case and mistakes are made.


ENT negligence occurs when a healthcare professional provides substandard care when treating an ear, nose or throat condition. This is most likely an unacceptable misdiagnosis leading to a worsened illness, but could extend to surgery or prescription errors too. Healthcare professionals have a duty to their patients to carry out medical procedures to a certain degree, so if a mistake is made which causes avoidable harm you may be liable to make a claim.


At Fletchers Solicitors, our expert team has over 400 years of combined experience and we successfully handle a number of ENT claims every month. Our lawyers are medical negligence specialists and have the expert skills and experience to helpfully guide you through the legal system to fight for the justice you deserve. We believe everyone should have the right to legal support when making a medical negligence claim, so our No Win, No Fee policy is in place to ensure that fees don’t deter victims from bringing a claim. If you think you have a claim, our professional team can quickly advise you on the next steps during a free telephone consultation.

Different types of ENT negligence claims

ENT treatments and ENT claims are varied, encompassing prescriptions, misdiagnosis and surgery.


Common ENT claims that we deal with are often related to:


  • ENT delay in treatment
  • Surgical errors that harm ear, nose and throat structures
  • Nerve damage to the face
  • Vocal cord injury or damage
  • Loss or worsened hearing
  • Worsened vestibular disorders, including vertigo, labyrinthitis, vetibular neuritis and Meniere’s disease
  • Failure to diagnose tumors or cancer
  • Cholesteatoma, leading to damage the delicate structures within the ear causing ear infections, hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Thyroid disease


Healthcare professionals have a duty to diagnose and treat ENT problems swiftly and correctly. If not done properly, the consequences can leave a patient in great pain or even sometimes with irreversible damage to their body. When you put your trust in a medical professional and they then cause you avoidable harm, it can feel like a betrayal. Whilst it can be hard to discuss the suffering that you’ve been through, it’s important to speak to a legal advisor as soon as you think you may have a claim to help you to secure compensation smoothly.


At Fletchers Solicitors, we understand that it can be difficult to speak about the painful time you have been through due to a medical mistake. That’s why we put our clients at the heart of the work we do to cater to your unique needs. We will handle your case with empathy and compassion and tailor our legal advice to your unique situation.

Is there a time limit on making an ENT negligence claim?


If you are an adult with the mental capacity to understand the medical error, then you have three years from the “date of knowledge” of the negligent act to make a claim. This is three years from the date that you first became aware that you had been the victim of negligent treatment, which often is the same as when the incident occurs, but can be years later. Due to this time limit, it’s important to seek legal advice about your claim as soon as you can.


There are special exceptions to this rule, including claims for minors, claims when the client does not have mental capacity and claims when the client has passed away – sometimes as a result of the negligence. As time periods can vary in these instances, it’s important to promptly establish the timescale of your case, to see if you are liable to make a claim. To do this, we recommend you speak to one of our legal advisors free of charge on 0330 013 0251.


Patients are entitled to an acceptable standard of care and there is no excuse for failure to provide this. If you have suffered due to negligent ENT treatment, you are entitled to compensation. Even if you’re not sure if you have a claim, our expert legal advisors can asses the details of your treatment quickly to find out if you have a case.


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